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Review last updated: 07/04/15

  • Easy to find and write emails
  • Integration with online services and social media
  • App to quickly search through attachments
  • Identities only saves drafts and sent mail to the main account
  • Delays and slowdown when receiving hundreds of emails

Mailbird is an email client for Windows, helping you stay productive

Mailbird helps people use email in the most efficient and enjoyable way on the Windows platform. Mailbird features include the first Email Speed Reader, In-line reply that organizes your emails with well-structured replies. Send an email anytime with Quick Compose, view attachments with Quick Preview. The Mailbird apps store includes Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and more. Mailbird supports multi-account and language support.

"In short, I'm neutral. Good product, but customer service is poor."

I tested Mailbird for several months. I liked what I saw in the product. I then paid for the Pro version. That's when the positives I received from Andrea were offset and darkened by one of her staff members (L.S.).

There was an issue during the payment process and I found Mailbird's Customer Service priorities lacking. L.S. never attempted to address the problem, except to argue. I paid in full. No argument there. They didn't provide a promised discount because of a problem with their system. Not much money, but a lot of principle is involved.

That left me questioning...

If I had a REAL PROBLEM with my email, would they approach it correctly? My recent experience suggests not. That's a problem and that's why I decided to stop using Mailbird.

Andrea and her staff don't realize there are many acceptable email options available and not addressing clients properly is a dangerous business proposition - especially for a relatively new start-up. I've made it fine for more than 20 years without Mailbird and I'll be fine without them going forward. Until and unless the Mailbird team is willing to demonstrate the importance of good customer service, I'll take my business elsewhere.

I consider this post a Neutral Post. The Positive is the product, as experienced by me over a two month period. The offsetting negative is their customer service philosophy, as seen in how they handle issues.


  • It's clean and to the point.
  • A no frills approach, with strength in simplicity.
  • Customer service training for their staff.
  • An engineering approach to customer service. Dry and cold.

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04 Dec 2014

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